Amber Hospital

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Welcome To Amber Hospital (Best Hospital in Lahore)

Amber Hospital is Lahore’s best hospital, is a fantastic healthcare facility in Lahore with reliable services for the community. The hospital welcomes patients in a proficient and caring manner. The hospital staff deals with diseases like benign, malignant, anti-inflammatory, cardiology, and other medical lines.

Dr. Amber Shaheen

As Chief Executive Officer of Amber Hospital (Best gynaecologist in Lahore, Pakistan) , with profound sincerity, i want to thank all the doctors, nurses and other staff who put their heart and soul into their work. People like them deserve our utmost respect, admiration and appreciation.

The medicare available here at Amber Hospital by us is all about people, specifically you, our cherished patients and their well-being. We hold your steadfast support in the highest regard as we continue to remain devoted to providing each and every one of you with the most humanitarian aid.

Our aim is to become the most indulgent and progressive best gynae hospital in the Lahore. We look forward to fulfilling this community’s healthcare needs, now and in the future. Inshallah

Executive Health Care at Amber Hospital

Amber hospital has extraordinary healthcare standards accompanied by comprehensive assessment and treatment services.  It is a leading medical center in the territory of Lahore. It provides efficient and admirable medical services through advanced treatment approaches and modern day technology.

Amber Hospital has a fantastic set of expertise to overcome complex diseases (Best hospital for normal delivery). There is a highly trained professional with advanced diagnostic equipment and laboratories for the assessment process which eventually leads to a successful treatment plan.

Our Specialties

Our Healthcare Services

Find the best support for your wellbeing


If your depression causes sadness and absence of involvement with your daily life, then this therapy is designed for you.


Safe and healthy treatment opportunities for children. Our expert doctors are always here to take care of your kids.


Wide range of services to ensure better prognosis in the urology department. We have the best urologist in the city and are the best.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic department has advanced treatment for degenerative and acute joint, knee, back and other related issues.

General Surgery

Our General Surgery department facilitates patients with advanced technological support and extra care.


All up-to-date and latest cardiac treatments are available at amber Hospital, Lahore. Advance machinery available.

Nursing Staff
Patients Served

At Amber Hopsital We provide the best level of satisfaction & Extra Care